July 08, 2008

Stop the bandwagon please, we'd like to join!

In the beginning there was email.... then there was the discovery of instant messenger, followed by the short-lived xanga craze and wrapped up by what I thought was the end-all: facebook. I was wrong! It seems that now the flavor of the week is a blog. And we have given in!

Actually, Andrew and I are very excited about what we hope will be a great way to keep all of our friends and family updated on our lives. We truly hope to be committed to this.... but that's what we said about our webpage, too. We'll see what happens!

So, a quick update: We are so glad to be back in America! We just spent six weeks in East Asia leading a summer project of 10 amazing students. Living in dorms, learning a new language, practicing our kung fu, and sharing the gospel with those who had never heard were the elements that made up our lives for the first part of our summer. We saw 5 students experience the love of Christ in salvation, and over 60 heard the full gospel! It was truly humbling to be a part of God's plan to make Himself known to every nation.

Not only did we grow in the Lord, we just had a ton of fun! Eating with chopsticks, getting stared at and feeling like movie stars, walking on the Great Wall, playing nerts every night, reading hilarious "translated in English" signs.... who could ask for more?

The whole gang on a field trip
The girls on our project

But now we are back in the USA... eating with forks and drinking tap water. We love the summer! We especially love weekends at the lake. This past weekend we had the joy of spending time with both of our families at the Harwell's lake house. My parents and Allie came down, as did Andrew's brother Patrick and his family (Leslie, Madelyn and Brooks). We had the best weekend skiing, tubing, eating, and even doing some crafts. We love our family and it's so fun to watch sweet Madelyn and Brooks grow. I love being "Aunt E"!
My favorite little girl, Madelyn


Leslie Harwell said...

SO glad you have a blog now! Yes, it's the cool thing! :) Madelyn and Brooks love there Aunt E (and Uncle A) as well. Look forward to seeing yall soon! Love you, Leslie

Anonymous said...

Hey Lib! I'm excited that you have a blog now! :) Love!

Stacy Leigh

rhodes1 said...

Thanks Elizabeth! I'm so glad you've joined the blogging community; I've already added you to my page as well! I really enjoyed walking with you also, maybe we can make it a weekly thing :)

Leslie Harwell said...

Me again - I love the new background!!!