October 24, 2008

Top Ten...

Our wonderful sister-in-grace, Leslie, reminds us every time that she gets the chance that we haven't updated our blog in over a month. I'll have to admit that one of the superficial reasons is because we can't find our camera charger anywhere and so we are sitting on zero pictures to post. Who really reads a blog without pictures? Since we are lacking compelling photographs, you are going to have to settle for an equally-compelling list. How about one consisting the top ten things that have happened in the past two months?

10. I (Elizabeth) have started to take a class at a local church called "Perspectives on the World Christian Movement" and love it! (Andrew's parents caught me the one time that I decided to skip.) It really is something I look forward to all week... what I have gotten from it is all in the name: a great perspective on mission work.

9. Andrew has made the statement that his life doesn't really revolve around football! Wow! I wonder what events could have birthed that attitude? :)

8. I got to celebrate with Mom on her birthday! And had the most fabulous weekend in Murray seeing a ton of my friends, eating at Matt B.'s, feasting at Dumplin's, and even attending Mr. MSU (Where my mother happened to be the star of the show! Don't ask.)

7. We have started hunting for a home... but this is lower on the list because nothing has really stood out to us yet. Surprise, surprise: The Auburn market has not been affected like most of the U.S. and hasn't given us a whole lot to work with.

6. We've put out a hammock in our front yard that my parents got us in Nicaragua and have spent many late afternoons and Sundays relaxing and reading in the gorgeous weather.

5. We just got back from a staff retreat at which we began to put together a rough draft of a training manual for our students to debut in the Spring. It was a refreshing time to spend with our staff team, who are like family to us, and a great time to reflect about our ministry.

4. Samford is starting to stay off of the carpet on his own. I love that dog with all my heart (I promise), but this accomplishment is HUGE in my book. On this I would also like to add that we bought a new vaccuum... a super, ultra, deluxe, something or another dirt devil and it truly has brought life change. Truly.

3. Andrew took me to see Wicked at the Fox Theater in Atlanta!!!! I could go on and on, but this could have been the most amazing thing he's ever done for me. I loved every nano-second of the night and I'm not sure that I blinked once during the show. This was my first Broadway show and I think it will be hard to top. The acting, music, ambiance were all stellar. To top it off, Andrew loved it too. He will say "I LIKED it" in response to that, but he really did love it.

2. Brooks (our handsome nephew) turned one!! We had so much fun celebrating with the Harwells in Birmingham at his first birthday party. That little man inhaled his cake. He has the sweetest disposition of any baby I know (just like his big sister!) and Andrew and I love him like he was our own! It's the truth. And Madelyn was as cute as ever. Also, my beautiful sister celebrated a birthday, too! (19th in fact!) I was sorry I couldn't be with her, but she only goes out to the movies when Andrew and I come into town anyway! I love her very much regardless!

1. My parents bought a new house!! It is the most beautiful house in Murray in my opinion and they have every right to be as proud as they are. It is downtown Murray, a little white house with the most picture perfect front porch you'll ever see. The history behind it is so fun... and Allie and Dad are convinced that there is a ghost living there (but a friendly one!) We loved staying there (in Allie's loft) and can't wait to see what memories this house will be a part of.


Mary Beth said...

Hello! Its Mary Beth Ely. Thanks for the update :-) That perspectives class is great! That is how I got to meet Andrew and become his friend. I think it is cool we were both in that perspectives class and now we're both in the ministry - its pretty powerful! I hope you love it Elizabeth. Maybe I can find one for David to take somewhere! We're praying for y'all.

Robert and Tiffany Adams said...

Loved reading your update! Miss you so much! We need to catch up soon!