January 11, 2009

Welcome, 2009!

Looking Ahead
I love the feeling of a new start... it's so fun to think about all of the great things that this year has in store! Here are some things that I am looking forward to:
* Moving into our new home! (Hopefully this will happen in March!)
* Katherine and the Uzells coming on staff with us at Auburn
* Celebrating our 2nd year of marriage!
* Going on a summer project (We have jet to be placed, but will hopefully know soon!)
* A new season of American Idol and LOST
* Fulfilling my new years resolution: reading 3 books a month. That will be 36 books at the end of the year!

Looking Behind
But because I am such a sentimentalist, I think I love remembering what's behind more than anticipating what's ahead. Here are a few of my favorite things that happened in 2008:

Kim and Nathan's Wedding! It was so fun to see two of our favorite people tie the knot.

Our one year anniversary trip to Charleston. We had a blast and I wish we could go to Charleston every year... it is now one of my favorite places in the world.

. Every day I am more convinced that I am doing exactly what God created me to do. I have loved being a part of girls' lives at Auburn and I pray that God continues to use me in His kingdom.

Allie growing up. I loved getting to see my beautiful sister at her prom. She also graduated (can't believe it!) and is a freshman in college now.

Summer Project in East Asia. This was a life-changing six weeks... God is doing huge things in EA and we were so humbled to be a tiny part of it.

Leighton coming!!
I waited patiently for 9 months to meet this sweet baby, and she didn't disappoint me a bit. I love her so much!

Lazy days at the lake.
We are so blessed to be able to spend so much time with family at the lake in the summers. This year was especially fun with the purchase of BIG MABLE!

Buying a house
... sort of. Right now we have a piece of land and a few cement blocks... hopefully the rain will stop and the progress will pick up!

Trip to Montana! We took a trip to Whitefish, MT with Andrew's family for Christmas. It was so much fun... even though I stuck to the green run the whole time.

Christmas in Murray
. I know that some day things might change, but it is such a blessing to be with my family for Christmas. And we got to celebrate in my family's new home!

We are so blessed. I am thankful for every second of 2008 and can't wait to see what the Lord has in store for 2009!

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Robert and Tiffany Adams said...

Haha! That's crazy. They're taken in the exact same spot - by the bunny slop where I hung out most the time! That's great! Love you!