February 09, 2009


The verdict is in... Andrew and I will be spending five weeks of our summer in South Africa! We are so excited about helping to lead a group of students on a summer project in Durban. We have no idea what to expect, except that God will move! The first half of the project will be spent on a university campus just sharing the Gospel with the students there. The second half we will be partnering with a church to help in serving. I think this will involve working in an orphanage and AIDS ministry. This city, if I remember correctly, has the most percentage of AIDS infected people per capita. What a joy to be able to serve there!

I always thought Africa would be cool, but I never dreamed that we'd actually get to go! Speaking of... have any of you ever seen the movie "Out of Africa"? Andrew and I rented it one night randomly and I cried and cried. It is SUCH a good movie! I want to watch it again before we go... even though we're not going to be in the middle of the tundra. I like to imagine that we will be... living it mud huts, waking up to the sight of a herd of giraffes. I think our experience will be far from, but I won't consider our trip finished until I see a lion. Can't wait!!


Leslie Harwell said...

Africa, what??? So cool. That is so awesome, I thought yall were going to stay in the states (not sure where I got that from). Can yall move to B'ham and work at UAB? I miss yall. We never get to see you. When can yall come visit?

Robert and Tiffany Adams said...

That will be such a great trip! What a wonderful opportunity. So excited for you guys! The African Queen is another good Africa movie. And Born Free has your beloved lion in it!