March 21, 2010

Home Sweet Home

I have to say... there is nothing like sleeping in your own bed. We really enjoyed our trip to Boston, but it is so good to be home. It was so fun to see the Bridges International Ministry in action and to be a part of introducing the nations to the gospel. Though their ministry is young, they really have a neat thing going on and are being great stewards of serving the nations as the nations come to us in America. Plus they are working with brilliant students who could potentially lead their respective countries some day. Doesn't it make sense to be a part of changing an individual's life who might in turn change the whole spiritual culture of a nation?

After the monsoon stopped on Tuesday, we were really able to enjoy the city. Here are my favorite things about the Boston I was able to see in a week:

1. Their "T"...public transportation. It was the most simple I have ever used.
2. History. Although I'm not as educated in historical trivia as I would like to be, this city was saturated in huge events: Boston tea part, Boston massacre, Paul Revere's ride, Ben Franklin's childhood, and on and on...
3. The architecture. I'm a huge fan of colonial style building. Beautiful.
4. Little Italy. Need I say more?
5. The Charles. I love it when cities have rivers running through them.
6. Harvard. Makes you feel more intellectual just to walk across the campus.
7. Seafood. We couldn't afford to try the lobster... but the clam "chowdah" was awesome!

Here's a pic of us in front of Paul Revere's house... although you can't see it because the photographer decided to leave it out!

So it looks like the votes for a girl are in the lead. Andrew is sure that it's a girl and just this week I've become positive that it's a boy. It will be fun to see who's right on Tuesday! We started getting the nursery ready this afternoon (Andrew put the crib together in less than an hour!! He's so good!) I can't wait to start adding either pink or red! I'll post pics of the nursery soon.


The Scott family said...

I'm so glad you're home!!! We can't wait to see you. I think you're having a girl but I'm only 50% on my children... love you!

Brittany Mardis said...

Let's chat soooon! I hope it's a girl because I just learned how to make pillowcase dresses!! I miss you and am glad you're back home safe and dry! Love you!