June 02, 2010

Jackson Hole, Week One!

We're here! Actually, we've been here for a week but have been going non-stop! So, sorry for the lack of posting. The students arrived on Monday and since then we have started some of our spiritual leadership development with them. They are a fun bunch of students! Yesterday we took a 3 mile hike in the Teton National Forrest. It seemed innocent enough, but by the end I was wishing that Andrew could carry Wilson for just a few minutes. It's amazing what a little extra pounds can do... not to mention Wilson has a new favorite hang-out: the right side of his mother's rib cage. What's the deal, little man? (He hasn't quite gotten the obedience thing down yet).

But the hike was gorgeous! We are so in awe of the beauty of this place... seeing the mountains is a good way to experience humility: having a correct view of who God is and who we are. What a privilege that He is mindful of us! Here is a pic of us on the hike. I haven't seen myself in a full-length mirror in a couple of weeks, so after I saw this picture I broke down in tears. I had no idea how big I was. Not that I'm self-conscious about it... I think it was just shock and the realization that this is real. We are having a child. And maybe some of those hormones were at work, too!


Unknown said...

Wow! Beautiful scenery! I'm glad you're enjoying your trip! Can't believe you've travelled that much while preggers!

Ansley said...

so glad to know yall made it! i was worried about you! miss you and are praying for yall and your ministry while there. love you!!

btw-you are a very very cute pregnant mommy! :)

Hank and Anna Uzzell said...

great picture! so glad that it is going well

Anonymous said...

Lib, you are beautiful! I love seeing your cute little belly!

Love, Stacy