July 09, 2010

The 4th and a wedding

Hope ya'll had as splendid of a 4th as we did! We spent it at one of my favorite places (Lake Martin) with some of our favorite people (Andrew's family). It was also the initiation weekend of the new and improved Sassafrass (The Harwell lake house!) Here's the weekend in pictures:
We did a lot of this... eating, that is.

And a lot of just plain being silly.

We paid tribute to our dear country...

And spent a lot of time on and in the water (more on than in after we found a
slithery friend beneath the jet skis)

Mostly we just enjoyed sweet time with family.

Oh, how I hope Wilson looks just like his cousin!

Speaking of family.... we are about to add another member to ours on July 24th! That's right, my beautiful little sister is GETTING MARRIED! We are so excited for her and Kody and can't wait to celebrate with them in a couple of weeks. Wilson is pretty excited about getting a new uncle, too!

Check back soon for a wrap up on our trip to Jackson Hole! We are in the process of getting some testimonials from some of the students that went!


Rachel Rainer said...

I like when you post! Love you! You are so cute pregnant!


SLHutchens said...

Wooowee look at that gorgeous pregnant lady! I love you, biiguh!

Unknown said...

Your belly looks so cute! Lovely lake house too! Wish I could go swimming. I heard Ali was getting married! Wow and in your parent's yard right? It'll be beautiful!

Lake Martin Voice said...

there are few better places in the world (IMO) than Lake Martin on the 4th of July. By the way, you might enjoy this video I made of how the guys that shoot off the fireworks show from the Amphitheater set it all up:


Hope to see you all at the lake,

John C

Leslie Harwell said...

Just now catching up on blogs! WE had a blast on the 4th as well! I LOVE the picture of you and Brooks! SO precious! Also, I love the new background! Looking forward to the shower Saturday night!