September 01, 2010

Confessions of a one week old

Hello, world! Wilson here. Yesterday I turned one week old. Mommy even got me a cupcake from Gigi's to celebrate (I guess it was more for her!), but I got a little too fussy last night to cooperate and take pictures with it. I guess I'm as upset as Mom is that I'm growing up so fast.

I don't do much right now but eat and sleep. But in my spare time I enjoy gazing into Mommy and Daddy's eyes, soiling the wall when they change my diaper (I've gotten some pretty impressive distance), playing with my hands, watching football with Daddy, and hanging out with MG (Mommy's Mom) who has been so sweet to help Mommy take care of me these first couple of weeks. I also enjoy spending time with Baba and Grandan (Daddy's parents) when they stop by and visit. I'm so lucky to have a family that loves me so much!

Daddy has gone back to work this week. Mom tells me about how he is bringing the gospel to places on campus that it's not in hopes that it would change students' lives for eternity... then they can take that same gospel to the ends of the earth. I'm proud of my Daddy and hope to be like him some day. I'm also ready for Mom to start back into ministry... I mean, how lucky am I that I get to hang out with college girls like these when Mommy works?!

We are working on our schedule so she can get back to that soon!

Being a new person in this world is not easy... I'm learning how to live outside the womb and Mommy and Daddy are learning how to take care of me. The first couple of nights Mommy and I had quite a few crying contests while Daddy looked on in dismay. It's a good thing we all love each other so much... I think that (and lots of prayer) is what has pulled us through!

Well, thanks for listening! Mommy will be back later with more updates from our life and ministry.

Much love,


Brittany Mardis said...

You are so blessed, Wilson! Can't wait to meet you!

Susan said...

I think you are doing a great job Elizabeth! I remember how hard that first week was! He is so precious!

Hank and Anna Uzzell said...

can t wait to hang out with ya ll!

Shealy said...

Oh how I remember those nights of crying and not having a clue what to do... Hang in there it will get better. Wilson is absolutely precious!!!!

Lauren and Harrison Smith said...

he is absolutely adorable! Love him and ya'll!

The Scott family said...

We love you Wilson!

Ansley said...

Elizabeth you are precious! And Wilson is adorable...of course. Hope yall are doing so great! Love you!! :)