December 12, 2010

It's beginning to look a lot like...

... December! It's finally getting cold around here. To all of you out there who complained about the heat this summer (present company excluded, of course): see what you've done!

Andrew, W and I went to the Christmas parade on Saturday morning. It reminded me that we were actually in a town of real people...not just college students. We saw every Boy Scout troop, lots of tractors, and even a camel! (What? Your Christmas parade doesn't include a camel?)

We met Rebecca and the girls there and W had a fabulous time until the drummers started banging...
We love hanging out with these girls... I guess I need to get W around more boys, but he doesn't know the difference right now. And I can't get enough of Leighton's hilarious commentary on life.
Hope you're getting to celebrate the Redeemer this holiday season, and that you're not feeling like this about all that has to be done before the 25th:Disclaimer: I don't know who these kids are.... I got it off a news site that had funny Santa pictures. So if they are your kiddos, I hope this is okay. I just can't quit laughing at it.

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The Scott family said...

We had so much fun at the parade too! and we need to soak up every minute with you!!!! I love the Santa picture. Obviously they aren't my children but I imagine our picture might look like that too!!!