December 01, 2010

Three Months

Hello, again! I realize this is a quick turn around from my 2 (and 3/4) month post, but Mom said we needed to get back on track. Even though it's only been a couple of weeks, a lot has changed around here. First of all, and most obvious.... I get more handsome every day. Mom tries to arrange marriages with all of her friends' babies, but I tell her that is not necessary. These girls are going to be fighting over a stud like me! But who cares about girls right now anyway? The only girl I care about is my Mom. (And she says it's going to stay like that until I graduate from college). Speaking of people I care about, I'd like to introduce you to my new pal, Blue:

We are all pretty sure that he is quickly becoming one of my favorite things. Teddy is a little bit sad, but I can't help the fact that he doesn't have fun toys hanging from all of his limbs!

I'm doing a lot more "talking." I said "Doo" the other day and you would have thought I had written a dissertation from the excitement from Mom and Dad. I am also a lot more alert... TV really grabs my attention, so the parentals are more careful about what's playing now!

I celebrated my first real holiday last week: Thanksgiving! (We don't count Halloween because I didn't do much for it.) Everyone came in... Baba & Grandan (who live in Auburn already); Uncle Patrick, Aunt Leslie, Madelyn & Brooks; Gramps & MG; and Aunt Allie & Uncle Kody! I hadn't met my Uncle Kody yet, so we had a fun time getting to know one another:

Brooks and Madelyn loved playing with me... I love them a lot. Have I told you that I am going to have TWIN boy cousins in a few months?! That's right! They are hanging out in my Aunt Leslie's tummy right now (I remember those days...) and I can't wait to meet them! Something tells me that we three boys are going to get into a lot of mischief together.

On Saturday we went to Callaway Gardens to see Fantasy in Lights. Dad and Mom thought that I would love it because of my adoration for blinking lights. I might have loved it... but I did this the whole time:

Oh well. Good thing they didn't pay for a ticket for me! Now I'm just getting ready for my next big holiday: Christmas!! Mom says it's the best of all, so I can't wait to celebrate the birth of Jesus with my family. For right now, I'll just enjoy staring at all the pretty lights on the tree...
Until next time...

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