January 10, 2011

Four Months

In case you didn't recognize me (I'm looking so mature and debonair), it's Wilson here. I'm back to update you on the life a four month old. Actually Mom asked me to do her a favor and combine my post with a report on Christmas... no prob, Mom-o! She does do a lot for me, I guess I could return the favor. We started the extravaganza in Birmingham with Daddy's side of the family. Baba has a funny Christmas tradition where we take a picture with these silly hats every year. This was my first experience, so I wasn't so sure about the whole idea. But once the picture was taken, I had so much fun with Brooks and Madelyn! It's hard to keep up with those two. I can't wait for the twins to get here... I think they'll be more my speed.
From B'ham, we traveled up to Florence to visit my GREAT grandparents, Granny and Grandaddy Al. It was my first time to meet them and it was love at first sight! They were so sweet to me and I can't wait to visit them again soon.Next we headed to Mommy's hometown: Murray, KY! It was my first visit to Kentucky and I liked it very much. Mostly because of all the fun people there, like my Aunt Allie.......and my GG! She actually lives in Tennessee, but she came to visit on Christmas Eve.One of my new favorite things to do is scream really loudly. We all think it's really funny... especially me! Did you know our voices have different levels of volume? It has been a life changing discovery for me.I still love to be held all the time (although Mom has made me learn to take naps on my own... bummer!) Thank goodness for MG who wouldn't even put me down for a girls' pic. Now that's what I'm talking about!Another new favorite activity (I'm an exciting guy, eh?) is sucking on my hand. Mom got real excited when I started sucking on my thumb because she said it was so cute, but I'm an all or nothing type of guy. Why suck on one finger when you could have all five? Now Mom and Dad spend a lot of their day yanking my hand out of my mouth. Cut me some slack here! I'm saving you money on pacifiers!
My first Christmas morning was perfect! (Or that's what Mom says at least... I have nothing to compare it to.) Supposedly a White Christmas is the best, and that's what we got in Kentucky! I had seen some snowflakes on our trip to New York, but this covered the ground! I hope this happens next year so I can actually get out and play in it.
On a side note, my Daddy turned 30 on the 30th! He thinks he is getting old, but I can't imagine a better playmate. I don't think there could be a better Dad out there for me... he LOVES to play (maybe more than me!). We get quality time every morning together (I get Mom up around 5 and Dad lets her sleep after she feeds me... that's our time). I love it when he reads to me (we've even read through Seeing and Savoring by John Piper), I love our times watching football together, I love playing "Super Wilson" (see picture above), but most of all I just love him. Mom already sees a lot of similarities in our personality, so that makes me so excited to think I might be just like him when I grow up!
On Christmas day we also traveled to visit MG's parents (Mamu and Grandaddy). I loved being with them! Grandaddy tells really funny jokes and Mamu gave me lots of sweet kisses.
Mamu did make me take some silly pictures, but I obliged. Hey, you're only gonna be a baby once!I loved my time with Gramps, MG, Uncle Kody and Aunt Allie... I can't wait until our next visit!

We don't have a picture, but I also wanted to brag a little bit on myself and tell you how I've been rolling over lately. I like to roll from stomach to back when playing.... but I only roll from back to stomach when I'm angry in my crib. Mom said she didn't understand what the big deal was about rolling over until the day I did it for the first time and she broke into tears (I'm telling you, this woman cries ALL the time! Do other Moms do this??) Anyway, she said it was another milestone of me growing up and it made her sad. Dad and I tell her that me growing is a good thing, but listen- there is no getting through to her. I know she loves me and that's all that matters.

Until Month FIVE,

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Brittany Mardis said...

Thank you so much for all the updates, Wilson!! You're a pro at this blog thing. I can't believe you've mastered the keyboard with those tiny fingers. You are amazing! I can't wait to meet you! Tell your mom she looks BEAUTIFUL as always!