January 12, 2011

Getting Organized

I just ran across A Bowl Full of Lemons... an incredible cleaning/organizing blog. Its writer, Toni, has proposed a 21 day challenge to get your house organized. Each day holds a new task to tackle. I'm ten days behind schedule (because I just found her today!), but I love the idea of going through all of our excess before we start packing up for the move.

I announced to Andrew my aspirations and says he, "Our house is already organized!"
Oh, really?

Behold, our junk... drawer, that is.

I know everyone has one of these and I also know that in a month (if we are still here) it will look like this again, but it was an easy task to check off and get motivated for the rest of the challenge.

Plus I found incredible gems like this:
What?? Where did this even come from? Sure would have been good to have when we were printing our Christmas cards or when I made all of those picture books for Christmas.


This, my friends, is why we organize!

While I was working hard, with my sweet husband and baby boy hovering, Andrew pulled out the drawer above me and said, "What about this one?"
Come on, hubs, one task at a time! He and W promptly left the kitchen.

I threw away a lot of things that were useless (like broken clothes pins, business cards, and other things I'd rather not say on here because I love to throw things away). I made three other piles:
1. Things that belong in this drawer (that we would use in or around its location)
2. Things that belong some place else
3. Things that belong to Andrew and I need to ask him what it even is

About 20 minutes later I was left with this:
And, thanks to Andrew's loving prompting, this:
I'd say this was a good start to an organized future! Do you have junk drawers? How long do yours' stay organized? Can you even call it a junk drawer after you organize it?


Nikki Cossey said...

When we built our house 4 years ago it was the first place my hubs and I lived together. We moved in at the same time and I took the time then to make sure each item had it's own place. NO JUNK DRAWER! There wasn't a need for one and still isn't. Granted, I have to follow my fellas around picking up after them. And I'm so anal about organization that our closets are color coded and I have a location where my fellas put something after using it. It keeps them from placing things back in the wrong spot. It sounds horrible, but it keeps things tidy.

The Muncies said...

Love this!! I'm loving the stacking baskets from target. The largest one is $4. I have 10 in my pantry project at the moment...going to take me a while to get that together! :)