March 02, 2011

Help a sister (and yourself) out!

I don't know about you, but we are in desperate need of a date night around here. My idea of a perfect date night is the movies (I love love love being at the movie theater... I really don't care what's playing as long as I have raisenettes and a diet coke in my hand), but it is about as expensive to go to Disney World as it is to the movies these days.

UNTIL TODAY! I just found this awesome deal on Southern Savers ... TWO movie tickets (purchased with a code through Fandango) for NINE DOLLARS! What??

And it gets even better... if I have three friends purchase this same deal through this link:
I get it for free!!

And if you purchase it and get three friends to purchase it through YOUR link, you get it free!

Do I sound like I'm scamming you? I'm not. I'm just a girl on a budget. A slim budget.

So help a sister... (and your date life) out. :)

Next on the agenda: find a sitter or find this theater:


Tami said...

Please don't waste your tickets in THAT theater! I just bought two tickets to help out but I'll even "sacrifice" more - you and andrew go to the movies while I'm there next week and me and Wilson will have our own little party!! Deal?

Rachel Rainer said...

When you get done watching Wilson while Lib and Andrew go out, drive to TN to watch Canon while Jess and I go out. Deal?

Ha! Just kidding! Have fun with Wilson next week!

Rachel Rainer

Tami said...

Sure Rachel! I'll stop through on my my way home. Although I'm sure I'd have to do some explaining to Canon's grandparents ha ha!
CAN NOT WAIT to see sweet, sweet, Wilson next week!

Raven's Toy said...

Hey, Mrs. D. Its Victoria Rowland. Just kinda stumbled on your blog. Pretty cute. Anyways, see ya.