April 28, 2011


Thanks for the help, friends! I just spent an embarrassing amount of time uploading my ipod with FREE music from noisetrade.com. (Sorry if you are friends with me on facebook and had your home page devoured with my activity... I had to do it to get it free!) Stacy Leigh mentioned it in her comment and another sweet friend, Olivia, had mentioned it to me earlier yesterday. It's exciting to get back into the music scene.

And, what's more.... 6. Put music on ipod-- and use it

Hooray! I love crossing things off.

On a more sobering note, please join us in prayer for all that's been lost here in Alabama: homes, cars, valuables, buildings, roads, power... and even, sadly, many lives. We were so fortunate to have been spared here in Auburn but there is complete devastation just miles up the road.
Dear Jesus, who "redeems your life from the pit, who crowns you with steadfast love and mercy" (Psalm 103:40)... please redeem this terrible tragedy and raise those hurting from this awful pit of despair. Let them lay their heads on the sweet comfort of your love. Give us the wisdom on how to be servants to them.... may we live a life that moves towards need!

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