July 15, 2011

A Choo Choo and a Spook

We went for a family walk the other day and heard the faint oncoming whistle of a train. Andrew took off sprinting with Wilson and his stroller yelling "Let's hurry! I'm going to show Wilson the train!" I didn't hurry with them, but don't worry because I did not miss one minute of this very.long.train. W probably won't remember it, but I'm glad he got to do a very boyish thing with his Daddy (and photographer, Mommy). I'm not sure which boy enjoyed it more.

The train was pulling airplanes! You don't see that everyday.
He looked like this the whole time... cautious wonder

On a completely unrelated note... would you please take a look at this picture and tell me (or the computer) if you see anything abnormal?

Do you see it? The apparition on the right side of the roof? Let me spare you the heart attack and tell you that it is a man made out of very fine wire. ??? Yes, I am wondering also why someone would put that on their roof. We drove by it a couple of weeks ago and I froze for most of the way home thinking in my mind "Did I really see that? There's no way I saw a ghost. Surely it's not real. Would people put a fake ghost on their roof, though? Am I going crazy? Am I seeing hallucinations? Do I have a tumor in my brain?" Finally I swallowed my pride (I was just sure Andrew was going to have to drive me straight to the loony bin) and told Andrew we needed to turn around because I thought I saw a ghost.

I have such a sweet husband who didn't laugh at me or make me feel stupid... we went back and discovered the truth about this spook and I am currently still holding a grudge against the owners of this house.


rebecca said...

what freaks have a ghost on their roof. sheesh.

claire said...

ahh before i read what you said under the pic i was really freaked out - i was sure you were going to say you hadn't figured it out yet and it might really be a ghost. strange people!

Elana said...

My baby has recently discovered the joys of trains too! My husband keeps bringing it up, wanting to buy him some toy models. Must be a guy thing...and yeah, that picture is spooky!