July 28, 2011

Eleven Months

Greetings minions! Please don't be offended by my condescending wave... this is just how I say hello!

Just a couple of days ago I turned 11 months old, which means one more month until I get to stick my face in some cake and ice cream!

I've spent this whole last month in Colorado and I was beginning to wonder if we were going to live here forever. Thankfully for the last ten days I had one of my best buddies there: Henry! We had a LOT of fun together.

I was also really thankful Henry brought more toys!... I was getting a little tired of mine. I'm getting more and more dexterous. Daddy thinks that I may become an engineer because I love to figure out how things work. Mommy is convinced I'm a genius and talks about how I'm going to go to college at Vanderbilt. (I think she just wants an excuse to visit Nashville.)

So, I guess you're wondering what's new with me this month? As always... there have been a lot of new developments around here. One of my most favorite new things was my introduction to SPAGHETTI!

I loved that stuff, but for some reason Mom hasn't fixed me any since.

I still prefer bottles over sippy cups. What I really like to do is pretend I'm in a circus act and drink my bottle with ONE hand... now THREE fingers... and now, the death defying act of ONE FINGER! Mom and Dad aren't so impressed because I mostly drop it. Okay, I always drop it.

While we are on the subject of eating... another prank trick I like to do is feed you a cheerio...

....and then say, "Fooled ya!".

I'm quite hilarious like that.

My new word, or phrase really, is "Ooooooh." It has replaced my love of  "Uh Oh" and it can mean anything from "That is so cool!" to "I would like to eat that please.".

I'm still quite the explorer and you can mostly find me rummaging in kitchen cabinets.

I'm standing on my own a lot and have take a couple steps several times... but I can crawl really fast, so I don't see much of a need for walking just yet. And please don't try to make me because it just makes me plain mad.

I also have started to point at everything. I point at things in books, I point at people I know, I point at animals... and sometimes my little pointer finger is sticking up for no reason at all.

I still love the water very, very much. Pool times and bath times are my favorite.

I also still like to butt heads...

I have three (and a half!) teeth and I look like such a big boy with them! I haven't been weighed in awhile but Mom thinks I'm probably somewhere around 19-20 lbs. My hair sometimes has a reddish tint to it and people comment on it all the time (along with my blue, blue eyes!)

Well, that's that! I'll be back in a month for my ONE YEAR post!! I say HOORAY to that!


rebecca said...

oh my. the spaghetti mess made me a bit anxious, not gonna lie. he's grown so much just from last month.

allie paschall said...

wilson, you were so fun during your visit! already counting down the days until i'll see you again...21 :) thanks for all your smiles, hugs, headbutts, and "ohhhs". you make me smile and i am so proud to be your aunt alllllie.

Emily said...

So sweet and the pictures with Henry are adorable...two sweet little boys (and wonderful families)! :)

Hank and Anna Uzzell said...

love and miss that little boy!!! Henry must have been going through withdrawals b/c he was a pill all the next day:)