July 18, 2011

Weekend Review

Tomorrow starts the Bi-annual Staff Conference here in Fort Collins where every staff in the nation (and a lot from all over the world) come to be encouraged, taught, and re-aligned with our vision. Those of us who have been here all summer decided to take advantage of a three day weekend and find some cool places to vacation before the conference begins. A friend of ours was so thoughtful to invite us along with another family to join them in Vail. They found a rental house for an unbelievable price and so we said "Yes, please!" It was a fun, chaotic but restful weekend. There were 11 children in this house so you can just imagine what life was like...

I was so thankful to have some extra hands to take care of W. Phoebe and Lucy (above) were awesome with him and were troopers to ride with us the 3 hours there and back to entertain Wilson.

We also had fun nights of Nerts that took me way back to college. Andrew and I painfully lost every time we played as partners. (He won the game when I wasn't his partner so it's not too hard to discover the weak link.)

We spent one day in Beaver Creek...

And one day in Vail walking around the Farmer's market.

We saw some pretty interesting things there like this hipster dog. (I was thankful to learn that he is a Puli and their hair grows naturally like this.)

We tried to explain to W that this is a ski town in the winter, but he was pretty annoyed with our methods.

Mostly we just hung around at the house and enjoyed the magnificent views...

We are so thankful God provided a cheap (incredible) getaway! This apartment was starting to close in on us!

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rebecca said...

that dog looks like the jamaican version of sam wiggins.