December 15, 2011


Wow. I've been a terrible blogger. Hello, end of the semester!

I wanted to document (and share) some about our ministry here at Southern Miss. We've been planning for the spring semester this past week and it's really been neat to look back and think about all the Lord has done in just the few months we have been here.

We prayed that this semester would be a laying of a solid foundation... that the Lord would bring us a small group of students who were committed to our vision to bring the gospel to places that it's not at Southern Miss. We prayed that these students would not just agree with us, but would take an active role in sharing the news of a Redeemer to their friends.

One of His answers was in a senior girl, Paula (girl in the pink pjs... it was a tacky Christmas night at our place). Paula's life has had a drastic change in the past year as she has seen Jesus as the true source of hope and life. She grabbed onto our vision from the beginning (and acts much like another staff member!). Paula came up with the idea to share what God has done in her life in front of all of her Chi O sorority sisters one night after a chapter meeting. Another Chi O told me that if it had been anyone else, eyes would have been rolling... but Paula is so well-respected in the chapter that the girls "hung on her every word." We love, love this girl and are so thankful for God's provision in crossing our paths. (We also love Kate, the girl in red, whom I stole all these pictures from!)
 Paula is not the only student who has caught onto the vision of being an agent of redemption. There is a lot going on in the Sigma Chi house, a couple students are starting a gospel-centered community group in the Communications department in the spring, Kate is thinking of starting a Bible study on her dorm floor, there is a Kappa Delta community group happening once a week... and these are only the student-led groups! We are hoping and trusting the Lord to see 50 different gospel-centered community groups happening in the Spring. It is so fun to see God being faithful to complete the work He has begun.

At our Tacky Christmas/Elf movie night Andrew and I sat in the back and looked at all the students in our home...
 It was such a sweet moment of the Lord's call on our life... "This is who I am entrusting to you." He has entrusted us with the gospel and we hope to be worthy of the calling to take it to all the corners of Southern Miss' campus. Please pray with us for the spring!

We'd also covet your prayers for the 15 students that we will be taking with us to our Crusade Christmas Conference (that is partnering with the Passion conference) in January. We are praying for the students to experience Jesus and His redeeming gospel, even deeper community, and for more students to catch onto the vision to come alongside of us in ministry.

Thank you for your continued support... financial and prayer! We appreciate you. There is eternal value to your gifts of both.

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