June 01, 2012

Twenty One Months

For those of you who are close-watchers of my monthly blog, I apologize for the tardiness! We have been pretty busy lately, and Mom has been barking out so many marching orders for me that I haven't had the time to write. So here I am, almost a week into being 21 months.

This month has been pretty crazy. I spent some time at the beach for a Cru conference and realized that I really hate the sand. This was unfortunate because Gigi, Aunt Allie, and Mamu met Mom and I afterwards to spend a week at the beach. I became a little more tolerable, but that's probably because Gigi set up my own personal beachside pool. She loves me.

We said goodbye to our team as they all went to their different summer projects. If I understood goodbyes, this would have made me really sad. I love our team. I ask for "Mamie" (Amy) and "Cici" (Claire) all the time... they are so sweet with me. For a couple of months I called Mitch "Dog" because him carrying his dog was the most interesting thing about him. But now I appreciate him for him and "Mitch" is the clearest name I can pronounce! I call Marshall "Roger" and no one is quite sure why, but it sure makes every one laugh. Anyway, I love them and miss them!!

We did a lot of packing and preparing and now we are currently on a road trip to Jackson Hole, Wyoming for our summer project! I am doing pretty well with the traveling in case you were interested. I guess I've done it my whole life, so it's kind of the norm for me. On one trip lately I got to visit with my great grandparents in Montgomery. They were so sweet to let me stop by and destroy their apartment. I loved looking at my Grandaddy's drawings. I hope my scribbles will someday blossom into art like his!

So, last month I told you how I could name all of my letters. This month I have mastered my letters and have started to sing the alphabet song. I need a little prompting, but my favorite part is "H, I, J, K!" I've also learned a phonics song and can tell you what word goes with what letter. Mom has desperately tried to record the whole thing but I never cooperate when the camera is rolling. Mom or Dad will say "A is for..." and I will say "apple!", "B is for..." "Ball!" and on to the letter "Z". They are pretty sure I just memorized the song, but every now and then I will throw in a correct word that wasn't in the original song and they will stare at me with bewildered faces. I'm growing up, Mom and Dad! Let's face it.

I've also started recognizing some numbers this month and like to count. My counting, however, always always sounds just like this "3, 4, 6, 9, TEN!" I really like saying "ten."

School buses. Oh, school buses! I'm pretty sure they are on the level of trains and lemurs now. Before school got out for the summer, I would drop everything when I heard the sound of bus brakes outside our house and beg for Mom to take me to the window to see. Because we live by a school, this happened about three or four times a morning, but it never got old for me!

This month a new obsession is tunnels. I can make a tunnel out of anything... bed sheets, bread, Daddy's legs... but my favorite tunnel is the one that Dad made for me this month. He's so handy!

Another thing that I am mastering is manners. Well, sort of. All of Mom and Dad's prompting of telling me to say "Thank you" has really paid off. Now, about 95% of the time I will tell you "dank you!" when you give me something I want or fix something for me. And if you don't tell me "You're welcome," I will keep repeating it until you do! The whole taking things that don't belong to me and throwing my food on the floor... I haven't really gotten that part of "manners" yet. But I'm so darn cute, who can really count it against me?

Another phrase I say a lot lately is "This way!" as I lead you where I'd like you to go. I like to be in charge and I do not like to find out that I'm not really in charge. I'm still not above a temper tantrum every now and then. When I get really mad I pull Mom's hair and I am learning that that is never okay. Some days Mom tells me that she and I are just rubbing each other the wrong way, but then she explains to me that we are both sinners and that is always going to happen, so we need to practice  grace. I'm glad for grace, aren't you? I'm also glad Mom loves me even when I pull her hair. Hard.

Well, that's all I can think of for this month so you'll hear from me again as a 22 month old!

Much Love,

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Hank and Anna Uzzell said...

so thankful that ya'll got out there ok! lets catch up soon!!