January 05, 2013

Alabama Christmas

From Kentucky, we headed south to Birmingham. By this time, I wasn't sure if we could fit anything else in our car and Little Man was coughing up the last of his poor little lungs.

But we wouldn't have missed a minute with our Alabama family. Each year (and each day, really), I wonder how I could get so lucky to marry into a family like this.

Madelyn and Brooks stole my heart before Wilson, and after Wilson these two little men came along and our hearts grew even bigger.

This trip we mostly just enjoyed being together. Patrick and Leslie's new Wii provided most of the entertainment.

On Saturday, we took a trip to the McWane Science Center. This was a big hit.

They had a train exhibit and I'm sure you can imagine how Wilson felt about that.

These two were pretty much inseparable the whole day. And I loved that.

On a side note, while at the McWane Center, I had a sweet girl approach me and say she recognized me from my blog (?!?!) Hi, Kassi! Her blog {here}. It was a funny moment of thinking my blog was a big deal to realizing it was not that big of a deal... she had clicked off of a friend's. Either way, it was fun to meet someone with sweet things to say, and an encouragement to keep writing on my {Art of Blooming} blog.

On Sunday we celebrated Andrew's  birthday a day early.
Wilson heard the word cake and came running.

I am thankful for another year with this man. Each year, I become more and more proud to call him my husband. He lays down his life for me every day and loves and pursues Jesus in a way that makes me want to follow him.

Afterwards we opened more gifts. We couldn't believe the generosity from every one in our family... we know Christmas is not about the presents (and hope to steer W's heart away from greed), but as we give and as we get it causes our hearts to ponder on the joy and wonder of that depthless gift of Jesus... who was, and is, and is to come.

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The Johnson Family said...

It was great running into you at the McWane Center and getting the chance to meet you. I've read your blog for a while and many times had thought about posting a comment about how your words and your faith had encouraged me. Bumping into you was just one of those little reminders in life of just how big our God is and yet He ordains little encounters like this to remind us that He cares about the details and each of us individually and intimately. Glad I was was able to make a friend through the crazy world of blogging and will continue to read and pray for your family as you serve Him.