June 14, 2013


This Tuesday we took our group out on the most Americana family vacation destination: Yellowstone. It was a fun day of just being tourists and enjoying time with the students. 

Our first stop was a picnic at Old Faithful. Being third time veterans, Andrew and I have realized that the best spot to watch and eat is from the observation deck at the Old Faithful Inn.

Wilson reenacting the geyser. He LOVED it this time.
Mckenzie (student from Southern Miss who is acting as a staff on the project), Katie (intern from Ole Miss), and I hanging out on the observation deck
Old Faithful Inn is my favorite part about Yellowstone.

Then we just did some cruising around (the South Loop) the park and admiring God's grand designs.

Grand Prismatic... a huge hot spring. The colors!!

A sweet new friend, Carolyn. She rode in our car and helped me so much with Wilson!

Some of the girls on project

Artist's Point

My girls, Liz & Elisabeth

It was such a fun day full of good memories. Never mind the fact that I started symptoms of a stomach bug on the way back home and was sick all night. Ack! It's not fun to be sick on project (especially for Andrew who had to juggle both taking care of Wilson and leading the project for a day and a half.) We seem to all be doing well now but would appreciate you praying along with us that I didn't pass this along to anyone else (especially Wilson!!)

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