April 28, 2014

Seagrove Staff Conference, 2014

We spent our weekend in Seagrove, FL for our spring regional conference with Cru. It's a time for staff to get vision, encouragement, nourishment in the Word and good time together on the beach.

Wilson had some fever virus/bacteria infection that kept him out of childcare and me out of meetings... but we managed to enjoy our time despite all of that.

I only took my camera down one evening, but managed to capture our favorite part of the conference... time with the Musgrove fam. Wilson and Maddox started a sweet little friendship at our Winter Conference and W couldn't wait to see him again.

Maddox calls him "Cousin Wilson" and could they be any cuter? We love this family. 

Wilson is at a stellar age for the beach. Andrew and I could (mostly) sit in our chairs and let him go. He was content finding beach creatures, rolling monster trucks around, and (pictured) spending time in the water even when not quite dressed for the occasion.

We saw lots of joy on the beach and lots of tantrums when it was time to go back inside.

Andrew celebrated his 10th year on staff and I won the coveted Overall Winner for our annual bake-off with this recipe for {Chocolate Chip Cookie Peanut Butter S'more Bars}... it was embarrassingly easy to make, but oh-so-good for the taste buds. 

These staff conferences are always so good for our hearts... to be surrounded by people who are living the same life as we are and seeing how God is being good to them in the midst of it, too.

Wilson cried for about the first hour of our trip home this morning... "I want to go back to the beach! I want to play with Maddox!" It was heart-breaking and ear-piercing.

Andrew came up with the best idea to cheer him up: We stopped in Mobile at the U.S.S. Alabama to eat our PB&Js.

Oh my word, can you tell how happy our little man is here?

He was so happy.

"Mommy, Daddy, look at this star! Look at this wing! Look at this compeller!" (No matter how hard we try, a propeller will only be a compeller in his sweet vocabulary.) 

Also, Andrew let W drive around the parking lot on his lap... and he aimed for trashcans because he thought he was in one of his iPhone games and would get points for that. We had a lady stare us down with a stare that said she was about to call CPS. Alright, lady, you sit in a car with a child hurling monster trucks at your head from the backseat and then we can talk about it.

Whatever works, y'all! Happy almost May! Happy almost 4 year old! (It does get easier at 4... right?)

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