July 17, 2008

The Nook

This past Friday night, Andrew and I had the pleasure of revisiting the place we first met: Camp Marannook! It truly was a joy as we both count our summers there as some of the best in our lives. The teaching we received, the friends we made, the values we solidified, the reality of the gospel were all priceless benefits of this brilliant place nestled away in the woods of Lafayette, Alabama (of all places!)

We were able to volunteer on Friday to help with the camper pick-up and the program/dinner thereafter. It was a blast! Stepping onto the trail that leads to Manna Deck feels just like stepping on my driveway at home in Kentucky... like I've never left. I was reminded, again, of how blessed those children are to attend and made a mental note to start saving for our future children to go!

It was also a blessing to reconnect with friends! Andrew got to visit with one of his best friends, Matthew (a fellow Murray State Racer, in fact!) who is a vital part in keeping the camp alive. And me... I had a real treat! Two girls that I had as campers for two summers in a row are now at the Nook as counselors! It made me feel old... but it also made me so proud of them to hear about how they are thriving there. The first thing they said as they ran up to me was "We are so thankful for you!" They went on to tell me the frustrations of trying to talk about the Lord with the girls as they in turn are more content talking amongst themselves about which boy is cuter. I had to laugh, and they did too, because they knew I had the same frustrations with them. My infamous line with Ramsey was always "Where is your focus?" and she said she had found herself using the phrase numerous times this summer!

It was fun to think of how Andrew and I were there together FIVE years ago (sounds like forever)... and we were just friends. We like to joke about what we would think if you told us five years ago that we would end up married. We would think you were joking.... funny how the Lord works. I'm totally glad He's in charge and not me!

... And after that we were off to my Old Kentucky Home! It was really great to visit with my family... we went because I thought I was saying goodbye to my old house, as they had put it on the market! However, the "Cottage" they were hoping to buy has been taken off the market (by a college student... don't get Mom started on it!) So it looks like for now we will return back to 138 Flint Rd. I'm happy with that. :)


Robert and Tiffany Adams said...

Wow. Now I feel really old too! Has it really been five years since that summer! Crazy! Glad you got to go back! So excited about your blog!

Mary Beth said...

Hello!!! So glad y'all have a blog so we can keep up with you even more (we always love your newsletters). Oh the Nook - what a great place that the Lord has certainly blessed!! Hope y'all are GREAT!!