February 01, 2009

I love prints!

I should be sleeping right now, but I'm up looking at fabrics! I've had such a rough time working with paint colors for our home (I went totally neutral). Therefore, I keep telling myself that I'll make up for it in the curtains! I know for a fact that I want tan linen curtains in the living room... but I want prints everywhere else! Here are some that I have found:

For the dining room:

(I found this at Hancock's 40% off!

For our master bath (possibly)... the walls are grayish blue:

The rest are just ideas for laundry room and possible back-ups for master bath. I really want the laundry room to be a fun room with a lively print. (Something that makes me want to be in there! The walls are a sage color):

This also means that I'm going to have to pull my sewing machine back out. I can't wait to learn more tricks on it... the most complicated thing I've done yet was an apron for Madelyn's birthday last year:

Hopefully this new place (and a place to sew besides my kitchen table!) will make me more motivated to do projects. I think I may make a sewing nook in our office. I can hardly wait.


Robert and Tiffany Adams said...

LOVE your fabrics! I know you're having so much fun picking them out and designing your new home!

Leslie Harwell said...

Cute fabrics!!! You know me, I love to sew. Wish we could sew together. Madelyn does like her apron, but the day we did pizzas she decided to wear the other apron (and I didn't fight her). :) Miss you bunches. Cant wait to see your new house.