October 07, 2009

Three years ago yesterday...

...I said YES!

I will never forget that perfect day. Even though I was hardly surprised (I hate surprises) and Andrew did a great job of giving heavy hints, my expectations of our engagement were far exceeded. A crisp, cool but sunny October day in a Nashville park... the man that was created just for me down on one knee... a simple and perfect diamond on my hand... it could have been a scene on a movie. The picture above is not of that day. We have no pictures of it... and I like it that way. It's special to us and only we know how beautiful and perfect it was. I love my husband and am so grateful he wanted to marry ME!

In fact, he's so wonderful that he even took me to see Toy Story in 3D last night to celebrate. I know what you're thinking: LAME! Maybe for any other 25 year old girl... but I happen to be one of the largest fans of the movie. I don't think its wit and charisma has been matched yet! The 3D upgrades weren't that amazing... but it was priceless to see it on the big screen again. Thank you, hubby!!

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Unknown said...

Awww. You guys are so cute! I am so so happy that you found him. You two certainly seem to be perfectly suited for one another. And I'm glad you're happy! Doesn't seem like your wedding was that long ago. On another note...I'm not surprised at all that he took you to see toy story. I remember when it came out you LOVED it. I watched toy story 2 the other day and I kept catching phrases that I never noticed before. Like Buzz Lightyear saying to the Piggy Bank, "Well slotted pig...." haha. I was dying laughing.