October 05, 2009

Dear September, where did you go?

Andrew and I can't believe it's already October! The fall is quickly flying past us. We've had such a neat couple months of ministry. One of our favorite things has been speaking to new member classes of fraternities and sororities. The beauty of Greek houses is that you immediately have an audience of freshman from all walks of life who will most likely be some of the most influential leaders on campus in the future. What a great opportunity to speak truth into their life their freshman year!

Our hope for the talks is to either a) plug them each into a gospel-centered community group and/or b)have lunch/coffee with them individually and share the gospel with them.

I just had lunch today that resulted from one of these new member talks and it was a sweet reminder of who the Lord has called us to at Auburn. She's a believer but hasn't found a group of Christian friends yet to surround her and, thus, has found her self slipping back into her former life. What a privilege to point her back to the gospel and get her plugged into a group where she is consistently pointed to truth... that could change the whole course of her 4 years at college and, hopefully, her life.

Tonight we will be speaking to AOII, Chi Phi, Theta Chi, and ATO. Please pray with us that they would be supernaturally attentive and God would use tonight to change the course of their life.

In other news.... we are so ready for construction to be done in our neighborhood! When we moved in, Lundy Chase looked like this:

Now the only house they are working on in our street is, of course, the one right beside our bedroom window. We've had some fun stories with mishaps in our neighborhood but this past week it came to a climax and it is not funny anymore. We've had power outages, our phone line cut, our invisible fence destroyed (and a nasty note left on our door about a certain yellow lab marking his territory in other yards)... but I guess we knew what we were getting into!

Happy Monday!

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