October 04, 2010

Within arms reach

A motto of our's here at Auburn is that we want to get the gospel within arms reach of every student on campus. What has become our "niche" at seeing this become a reality on campus is the Greek system. Roughly 24 percent of men and 34 percent of women at Auburn are Greek... around 6,000 students! The Lord has really blessed us with an open door to get the gospel into these houses in a lot of different ways this semester...

First, the guys got the chance to take all the fraternity presidents out to former Auburn football coach Pat Dye's lodge for a dinner. There they heard a talk on leaving a spiritual legacy in their chapter and were given the chance to allow a Crusade staff to come talk to each of their chapters about the same thing. Here's a picture of Pat Dye talking to the presidents:

Second, we have been able to do that very thing in many different chapters already. Our hope is to share a talk on the importance of making your spiritual life a priority in college (because who you are today as a college student will most likely determine who you will be ten years from now) with the opportunity for each student to mark on a card if they would like to talk to someone individually about this. If we meet our goal of talking to every pledge class, 1200 freshmen will have had the chance of hearing the gospel with a chance to discuss it further one on one.

Andrew and I also have the privilege of discipling leaders who are leading their own community groups within their respective circle of influence (for many, this is their Greek house). This is the most exciting way to see the gospel ebb forth into the Greek community because it is being done by students!

Another exciting thing going on in our ministry is our weekly meeting... we have been studying through the Sermon on the Mount and it has been so refreshing for both us and our students to hear Jesus' words on what it really looks like to follow Him.

This is a different season of ministry for me, especially, (but also Andrew!) with our new addition to the family... but we look forward to seeing how God will be faithful to do His work regardless of our lack of sleep or extra time!

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