October 04, 2010

Please forgive me...

... for holding back Mom from updating her blog!

Yep, it's me again. Tomorrow I will have six weeks of life under my belt! This whole living thing is a breeze... I get carried around all day and have people ooohing and ahhhing at me everywhere I turn. And when I say carried around ALL day, I mean it. I do not appreciate being put down. Ever. I don't get why Mom and Dad wouldn't want to stare at this sweet face all day, anyway. Come on!

This month has been full of milestones. First I would like to announce that at my one month weigh-in I was 9 lbs and 15 ounces. That's right... I've gained a whopping 3 pounds in one month. Mom thinks I'm well into 10 lbs now. Contrary to what you might think, I do not eat all day. I am just very intentional at feeding times. I get the job done.

I also took my first bath this month! It was about time because I was getting tired of those sponge baths. I love bath time as you can see below... you can also see how I'm trying to talk Dad into getting me a cell phone.

Another noteworthy moment was when I met the firemen, ambulance driver, paramedics, and policemen one day. I spit up while taking a nap and had a choking incident. Mom cried a lot more than I did... but we all turned out okay! I tried to tell her how cool it was that I got to see my first firetruck but she basically just cried all day and kept telling me how much she loves me. Geesh... Mom's are so mushy!

I wish I could tell you that I'm such a sweet baby all day, but frankly I just like to cry. A lot. It's a stage I'm going through (Mom hopes!), but I do have my sweet moments. I've been smiling a lot lately, but not really in response to anything that anyone does. I just have these jokes running through my head... wish I could tell you how funny they are!

Okay, it's about time for my second dinner before bedtime! It's been so fun to meet a lot of you. Thanks for the visits and all the wonderful gifts... Mom and Dad keep telling me how lucky I am to have such a great family and such wonderful friends. I think they're right!

PS... Mom would like for you to look below for a new post about what's going on in the ministry!


The Gentrys said...

Oh Elizabeth, I cannot imagine how scared you were when he choked! I'm always so afraid that is going to happen and I won't know what to do...so glad everything was ok! And Emma Cate didn't ever want to be put down either...for the longest time we struggled with naps in her crib or anywhere other than in my arms...she would sleep for a few minutes and then wake up and cry until I held her...which of course I loved to do, but you have to be able to do other things sometimes. Eventually somehow it got better and now she takes two 1-2 hour naps in her crib and sleeps all night. Hope to get to see ya'll when we are in town weekend after next!

SLHutchens said...

Jude was the same way about being put down and now he is a great napper. I know it's hard to believe that they will ever grow out of it at the time, but it goes by so fast so enjoy all of those sweet cuddles. Soon enough, he will be a toddler who is too busy to be bothered with cuddles and you will wish you could hold him all day again!

Do you have a baby carrier? We lived in the Moby wrap for the first 4 or 5 months... it was a life saver and so comfortable!

brioprincess said...

Your son is so cute. You're so blessed. :) I bet the crying thing is just temporary. But, the choking sounds terrifying. I'm glad both of you were ok in the end. :)

Johnna said...

Glad things are going well for you Elizabeth, Wilson is such a cutie! I love seeing your updates on my iGoogle page, I know you are such a sweet momma.