November 18, 2010

Two (and 3/4, woops!) Months...

The little man just reminded me that I haven't done a two month update for him yet. So without further ado, I give you "W":

Hello, loyal fans. Yes, it's Wilson. My parents have been shortening my name to "Dub-ya" lately and though none of us are crazy about it, sometimes nick names just stick! I have been changing a lot, lately. I've got a smile that can stop the world. Me and Mommy spend a lot of our day at the changing table where we chat back and forth for what seems like hours. It's our favorite time of day... especially when Daddy is there to share the moment. My favorite words are "ooooh" and "nah" and "goo." I've also said "mommy" a couple times on accident.

A couple of weeks ago I slept two nights in a row through the WHOLE night. Mommy and Daddy smiled and laughed all morning. Then, the next night I decided that I needed to make up for lost time, so I woke up five times. It's fun to see those two in the middle of the night. They are stumbling all over the place! Even though we've talked a lot about it, I've only slept through the night once since then. I'm just not ready for that big step yet. Hey, I tried it at least!

We've also spent good time with family this month. One of the more memorable moments was when we celebrated my great grandfather's 90th birthday! Here is a picture of the four generations. We are all exactly 30 years apart! Daddy says I have to have a son at 30 to carry on the tradition:

I've also spent a LOT of time tailgating for Auburn games. Last week I got to see Cam Newton at Tiger Walk. Mom says if she hears his name one more time she's going to leave Auburn (he's quite the topic of conversation around here)... so this is the last time I'm saying it!

Right now I'm in Orlando for a Campus Crusade conference. Daddy is in meetings all day so me and Mommy have been doing fun things like strolling around, playing in our swing (we packed our whole house), and going shopping at the outlets. Daddy is concerned some of my first words will be "That's so cute!" so he says I have to do a lot of boy things when we get home. On Saturday we are going to Disney World with our good friends Becky and Ryan! Ryan works for Disney so they are getting us in for free (Mom says she wouldn't pay for a ticket otherwise because I'll never remember... yeah right!!) I can't wait to see all the fun things and spend time with Mommy's friend who she's told me so much about!

I'll make sure Mommy posts pictures of that when we get home. Love to all! "W"


Anne Marie said...

he's SO cute!! I want to see more pictures. Can't wait for maddox to meet him!

Unknown said...

Haha. You are always so funny Lib! I love that you now have "dub-ya" posting for you! haha. He is so adorable!!! I can't believe how he's changed. I think he really looks like you now more than he did when he was born! have fun in FL!


Hank and Anna Uzzell said...

great pictures, Elizabeth! Have fun at Disney:)

The Scott family said...

I love it! Dub-ya! Ha ha! Sleep all night and sweet dreams, mister! :)

rebecca said...

your W posts are adorbs.