October 06, 2010

Budget "cuts"

A new hobby I've taken on is couponing. And yes, as a former English teacher I totally endorse the use of "coupon" as a verb. The view you see above is one of my favorite sights to see... all of my buck-saving tools spread out in front of me on the kitchen table. Many of you are fellow coupon-lovers, but for those of you who are not you might be thinking "Really? All that time and effort to save 25 cents on peanut butter?" That exact thought used to run in my head as I scoffed at all the time people spent cutting and fumbling through their silly little envelopes at the grocery.

Now I would like to make a public apology. I was wrong! Three months later and about $400 richer I repent from my former ways of shopping. Who knew you could not only get incredible discounts (like Green Giant's frozen veggies for .19!), but also items for FREE (like the deodorant or salad dressing I'm getting this week)! I want to promote this awesome site: Southern Savers that helps me to plan and even find more coupons each week.

I also want to make a public declaration of my love for Publix. They have incredible B1G1 sales that, when paired with a coupon, makes all of this saving possible. They also have THE BEST customer service of any grocery I've ever been in (even locally owned) and the best part is that they always carry out your groceries for you. Now that I have a little one in tow, I realize how precious that is.

I thought about writing out how I "coupon" step by step, but most of you probably already have your own system... so if you want to know, just ask me! I have become pretty evangelistic about it. I love knowing that I'm doing my part in our family by being a good steward of the funds we've been given.


Katrina said...

Also check out Moneysavingmom.com! She's a great resource that I use along with Southern Savers. I love couponing! :)

Callie said...

http://www.centsiblesavings.com/ this is another fun website that can have great savings ideas on all kinds of things :) Hope you enjoy

Unknown said...

Wow girl! $400! I'd love to know your system for couponing. I have tried to get into it, but always wind up forgetting to hand them over at the register or leaving them at home and whatnot. so feel free to share your tips!