January 14, 2011

Dear Wilson,

Thank you for suddenly, out of nowhere, learning to take naps.... L.O.N.G. two hour naps. I have been able to get so much more done around the house and both of us have thus been graced by each of the others' cheery mood.

Love you so much,

PS... I still love you so much even when you take 20 minute naps.

**An addendum: Some of you moms may be flipping out that he is laying on top of a receiving blanket. I put it down so that he would not be hitting cold sheets in the middle of the night when I put him back down. A couple of days ago I checked on him and saw that he was gripping onto the blanket and realized that he had the ability to wrap it around his head... so it is now gone! Chalk another experience up to being a first time mom!**

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