January 25, 2011

Five Months

Hello, my name is Carl the crocodile and I'm going to eat you up! Just kidding, it's only Wilson. (I scared you, didn't I?)

Yesterday I turned five months old! Can you believe it? Mommy can't. She cried (yes, again) when she packed up my 0-3 size clothes... I've been in the next size up for awhile, but she just couldn't bare to put them away! I'm actually quite a little guy. At my 4 month appointment I was 26 inches long but only 12 lbs 10 oz. The doctors weren't too pleased with my petite figure, so they instructed me to take 2 oz of formula after every time I nurse. This makes for looooong feeding times, but it's fun to be able to see Daddy each time I eat! Sometimes, if I'm not being lazy, I can even hold the bottle myself!

Blue is still my favorite pal (toy pal, that is) and I smile every time I see him!You know how I told you last month that I was just starting to roll? I have now mastered the art and love to roll back and forth... especially when I am screaming with laughter at the same time. And that's how I roll (pun intended). This is a picture Mom snagged of me while I was on my tummy watching my favorite movie, Praise Baby. I love it so much... I don't understand why Mommy is always washing dishes or folding laundry when it's on. I guess her taste isn't quite as refined as mine. All you babies out there should tell your parents to purchase it here.
Speaking of being on my tummy, that is my favorite way to sleep. And speaking of sleep... I am sleeping through the night! It's been a long journey, but I'm finally okay (mostly) with sleeping 8 hours at night. I'm also taking on average two 1 1/2 hour naps a day.

When I am not sleeping, I love to drool. Okay... I actually do it in my sleep, too. It's kind of my thing.
Something else that is my thing is grabbing. I will grab anything you put in front of my face but my very favorite things to grab are my Mom or Dad's mouth and nose. Just in the past couple days I have really enjoyed spending time in my "Bumbo" seat. I feel like such a big boy and it makes me laugh to be sitting up like Mommy and Daddy do!Just this past weekend, I also took my first trip to Hattiesburg, MS, which will be my new home in a few months! I'm excited to be a Mississippi Boy... they seem like real southern gentlemen down there with great accents, and boy do they know how to cook some good seafood! (At least that's what I hear.... I'm still a milk-eterian.) It was a really fun trip but, alas, Mom never pulled out the camera!

Well, that's about all for now. I need to go lay down for another nap! Maybe this will be a nap time that I'll roll over and go to sleep right away, or maybe not....

Until my HALF BIRTHDAY (I am accepting gifts),

PS... Mom said I need to say just kidding on that gift part or MG will send us a box full of toys that we don't need!


Ansley said...

hahahaa-oh my goodness...even bigger than the last time i saw pictures! i miss you and W so much! can't wait till i get to visit auburn and come see you! :)

Hank and Anna Uzzell said...

he is so cute! i'll call this week and get an update on MS!

rebecca said...

these pics of W are too much. keep me updated about mississippi.

ps: the dishtowel came from williams sonoma. i haven't seen it in stores... but they have it online.

Marty said...

Hey! Got your comment. Did you see the previous post "A Christmas Surprise"?

Yes, I follow your blog, so I saw that you're moving to Hburg. Exciting! Of course we can see each other. It's about 3 hrs from Tupelo. We'll work it out. :)

Brittany Mardis said...

W, I just can't wait to meet you!!! Adalyn should be here soon, she can't wait to meet you either (even though she doesn't know that yet). Tell your mom I said hello and miss her tons!

Tami said...

Dear Wilson:
Define "need"--we can work around Mom
Love MG