February 04, 2011

Five Generations

This weekend we went to my home in Kentucky and finally had the privilege of introducing Wilson to his great GREAT grandmother, Grandmama. She was sick during Christmas and we didn't get to visit with her, so we were so excited for them to meet. My Grandmama is the sweetest lady you will ever meet... her heart is full of kindness and her lips are always overflowing with encouragement. She was enamored with Wilson and if he knew what was going on, I think he would feel so lucky to come from the line of Dora Adkins! Here are some pictures of their time together:

These are the five generations spanning over 92 years:

And this is the little man that cried wah wah wah, all the way home:


Hank and Anna Uzzell said...

he is too cute! can't wait to see ya'll this summer.Got to love a good long car ride...

Samantha said...

Barrett used to cry in the car, but luckily he has grown out of that phase! Wilson is so cute!