April 21, 2011

28 things

With all the craziness of the holiday season, somehow the new year always passes by without me making any concrete resolutions. The day after my birthday I decided to make up for all my lost resolutions and come up with 28 things I want to do before I turn 28. Some of them are things I have been procrastinating on (like going to the chiropractor, which really scares me), some are just lifestyle changes (like using more fresh produce) and some are just plain fun (like going to a concert). I thought I would include them on here because I'd like to use this as accountability to update when I accomplish something!

1. Go to a concert
2. Make crab cakes
3. Learn to use our camera
4. Take Wilson to the zoo
5. Go to the chiropractor
6. Put music on ipod-- and use it
7. Travel to a new state
8. Print off pictures and update frames in house
9. Go on a girls' weekend
10. Start a flower garden
11. Memorize Philippians
12. Sew an outfit for Wilson
13. Pray scripture over Wilson each day
14. Call friends just to talk
15. Get reading glasses
16. Figure out products that are good to wear hair curly
17. Get a silhouette of Wilson
18. Take a class in something
19. Write more real letters/notes
20. Send birthday/holiday cards
21. Read through the Bible
22. Get gmail set up and update contacts
23. Have family budget meetings
24. Buy art
25. Read classic books
26. Always carry a book in my purse
27. Buy and use more fresh produce
28. Find and perfect an art... maybe set up an Etsy account?

I guess I kind of cheated on this, but I added number 17 after I found out that there was a silhouette artist in town Tuesday. To be fair, this has been on my mental list of to-dos for awhile now so I didn't add it just to check it off, though that's not below me. Anyway, here's number 17... check!

Isn't it beautiful? I think I will cherish it forever. Sorry future wife (Elliott), I'm keeping this one! Although, Elliott did get one too and Rebecca joked that they could put them side by side when they got married.

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rebecca said...

i loved reading this list, lib. w's silhouette is so perfect.