April 20, 2011

Six Month Pictures

When W turned six months old, we decided to get professional photos taken of him. A friend recommended Suzanne Williams out of Montgomery and so we went with her! She did a fabulous job considering the fact that Wilson was in a terrible mood. It was a miserable morning and I was dreading getting the pictures back because of that fact. Much to my surprise (and delight with Suzanne!) the pictures were beautiful... and we have lots of pictures of a very serious baby.

You can go HERE to view the ones she posted on her blog.

Here are the two that we bought digital rights to:

The one above is my very favorite... the blanket he is sitting on was Andrew's favorite thing when he was a baby. And I love the way he just looks like a little horticulturist like his daddy sitting out among the flora and fauna.

I can't believe how much he's changed in just a couple of months!