April 18, 2011

Two important days

Thursday marked four years of marriage to this incredible man:
I love him very much for many reasons, but the most important one is that I promised that I would. I'm thankful that he made a promise, too... because there are many days that I wouldn't want to be stuck with me! We had a great dinner out together talking about the craziness of the last four years. What an adventure. Our favorite thing to talk about (of course) was all the different places we have been since we've been married... we may be slightly obsessed with traveling, but everyone has to have their hobbies. Thankfully, our job requires a lot of it! I'm so thankful for an incredible traveling partner... and even more thankful that I get to travel (Beware: oncoming cheesiness) through life with him (I warned you!). Praise God that He knows exactly what (and who) we need.

Speaking of how incredible my hubby is, he planned a very sweet birthday party for me for my 27th on Sunday! We were headed out of town on Friday when he said a sudden "Shoot!" I replied with "What?" To which he responded with "I forgot to order your cake." He then told me not to worry because he was going to bake one. To which I replied with a bitten tongue.

Sunday morning at 5:30 he began... and came out with this!!A triple layered chocolate raspberry (my favorite combination) cake! It was so, so good. I am requesting it every year. What a good man, Charlie Brown!

I also got to spend some time with dear friends and fam who came over to share the cake...(And more that I didn't get to snag a picture of!)

But of course my favorite guest was this little guy.

I'm sure he will tell you all about it in his eight month (what??) post, but he is ON THE MOVE. This kid is scooting/crawling all over the place and in the last couple weeks has started to pull up to his knees on anything within reach.

I love birthdays, but it was kind of weird to me this year how I truly forgot several times that day that it was my birthday... not just from "mommy brain," but because taking care of Little Man is so much more fulfilling than being doted on. It's so sweet to see the truth come to life that losing your life really is finding it. God, you are so good to me!

PS: Can anyone tell me why my pictures are showing up so blurry on here? The resolution is fine before I add them on here! It's so annoying.


rebecca said...

wish i could have joined you in the celebration. and that cake? andrew deserves a high five.

not sure on the blurry pics. how annoying. yikes.

Emily H. Kirkpatrick said...
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