May 23, 2011

More goodbyes

The parade of farewells continues. A couple of weeks ago our Crusade staff team at Auburn threw us a goodbye party and it was so sweet. I wish we could have gathered everyone together that's ever been a part of our team while at Auburn. (Staff life is so transitional!) These people have become family to us... we've lived life alongside of them for over four years now. They've taught us what it means to live in community together: sharing joys and burdens alike, meeting needs, and living out the great commission as a body. It is a scary thing to leave this family behind, but we are confident that the Lord will provide again.
The sweetest friend, Rebecca. It's been so helpful to be around another young momma to share troubles and joys with.

Most of the team now (missing the Scivicques and the Doyles and a few children). We are going to miss them!

The Cunninghams! I feel like I should have a whole separate post for them. They have been such a blessing to have around, especially since they were students our first year on staff! I have tried to get them to move with us, but obviously we were not quite as cool as we thought we were. 

We also miss staff that have preceded us in leaving Auburn (like Kim, the Uzzells, the Musgroves...) but what is encouraging about that is how we keep in touch with all of these friends. I know that our goodbyes do not mean forever. And for the record, I am so thankful for the blog world for this very reason!

Another goodbye party took place yesterday! We have four couples about to leave out of our Sunday school class and so we had a big pool party in honor of all of the transitions. Can you believe all of these babies?! I think there were just like two kids when we first came into this class four years ago. (And there are several couples and babies missing!)
We are so thankful for this sweet community. We realize from talking to a lot of our friends that the quality of this Sunday School class is not normal. It has been such a blessing for us to get to know and grow with these great friends. We will miss them so much!

An update on our housing situation: we are under contract (hesitant to say sold just yet!) and will God willing close on June 13! We're currently countering with a home in Hattiesburg that we really love. Prayers would be much appreciated!

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Anne Marie said...

So excited for y'all about the house stuff!!! Will be praying for you over the next few weeks as you transition out of auburn. It's a hard place to say bye to...