June 15, 2011

Excellent Adventure Part II

This guy has been a rock star traveler. He has probably slept 90% of the time that we have been in the car (which has been about 24 hours now) AND he is sleeping through the night! I was not expecting him to do both, so we are all very happy.

Stop #3 was Amarillo, Texas. We took full advantage of cheesy tourist traps and experienced Americana in all its glory including...

getting our kicks on Route 66

and eating dinner at The Big Texan. We actually got to witness the first 20 minutes of a guy trying to eat the 72 oz steak (you get an hour to finish and get the meal for free... the ambulance fee is on your tab). W talked a big game, but he never got around to trying it.

Stop #4: Santa Fe, NM

We just rolled in this afternoon and have been totally embracing being tourists. Camera straps and all. Santa Fe is gorgeous... we've mentioned several times how we feel like we are in a different country. I'm also proud to mark something off of my 28 Things List: 7. Travel to a new state

 I would also like to cross off buying more art off of my list here (they have beautiful pieces), but it is way out of my price range... of $30. I think I need to find a starving artist.

One more night here and then off to Fort Collins on Friday! Can't wait to unpack for longer than a night or two.

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