June 13, 2011

The Harwells' Excellent Adventure

The Harwell fam is officially homeless! We closed on our house on Friday and then started our great adventure out west.

Stop #1: The Lake
We were excited to spend time with Andrew's side of the family this weekend at the lake and help to throw a (SURPRISE!) 60th birthday party for Andrew's mom, Mrs. Libby. She had no clue what was going on and it was hilarious to see her face as she discovered all the guests in her house. It was most certainly a look of "What am I going to feed all of these people?" She is truly a blessing to every life she touches and I am honored (and proud) to call her my mother in grace

 It's always special to get all the cousins together... and even more interesting to try and get pictures of them all at the same time.

I'm so glad that W has such awesome cousins! I loved playing with my cousins growing up and I can't wait for all of the memories he is going to have with these four.

Stop #2: Little Rock, AK!
After a nine hour day, we made it to Little Rock tonight. I kept calling it Arkansas City all day and Andrew had to remind me that there was no such place. Wilson actually did incredible until dinner tonight when he let the whole restaurant know that he was done with this whole sitting thing. Who can blame the kid?

Tomorrow we are on our way to Amarillo... Andrew just told me that it's an even longer trip than today's was so prayers would be much appreciated. Benadryl might also be appreciated. We are planning to be in Ft. Collins by Friday!

I eventually would like to write a post about our time at Auburn as I feel like we were rushed out at the very end; I think it would be nice to get some closure that way. The last week was incredibly insane: Packing up our house, packing for Colorado, trip to Hattiesburg, saying goodbye to friends... Oh, and W got Roseola. Thus his new nick names include: "Rosie-oli-o,"  and "Roly Poly"

Right now Rosie-oli-o is sleeping soundly and I hope that lasts until at least 6 am. And then it's Amarillo by evening for this family.

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