June 07, 2011


Yesterday Andrew and I (W stayed with A's parents) took a day trip to Hattiesburg to be there for the home inspection for our new house. It was a long, long day (9 hours of driving), but I was so thankful that we were able to go. We decided on this house so quickly that I was afraid we would show up and I would be disappointed in the house. The opposite happened; It was far more wonderful than I remembered! The Lord has really taken care of us and provided us with a perfect house for our family and for our ministry with college students. The whole time we were there we walked around in awe that we got the house for the incredible price that we did. It made me so thankful to serve a God who doesn't just take care of my physical body, but my heart too.

Here is just a peak at the house... we don't move in until the first of August so I'm sure I'll update more then as we start to make it into our home. (Keep in mind, this is not our stuff... I hope this isn't too weird that I'm posting pictures of someone else's things.)
A screened in porch! Can't wait to have some sweet Bible studies here.

Our vintage master bath. Strangely I have gotten pretty attached to the yellow tile.

I love the colors... so Americana!

All the doors have vintage knobs. We learned they were $50 a pop... so Andrew naturally started adding up our profit. I'm not letting them go, though.

An incredibly large back yard. We can finally have Samford again!

A kitchen with a lot of potential... I have a big vision for this room!

W's room! Thankfully the walls are about the same color as they are here.

This house has awesome closets... very rare for a home as old as it is.

The master bedroom

The living room. I love the french doors and the wood floors... such a nostalgic feel in this home.
We can hardly wait to move in! Just a couple more days in Auburn, several days on the road cross-country, six weeks in Colorado, and several days on the road reverse cross-country to go!


Hank and Anna Uzzell said...

wow! it s beautiful, elizabeth!

Anonymous said...

What a great house! I'm excited for y'all. I LOVE the screened in porch. And the door knobs! Can't wait to see it once you get all your cute stuff in there. :)

rebecca said...

lib, it has so much character. that screened in porch is to die for.

Addie Lamberth said...

Love the house! We are going to miss y'all!