June 22, 2011

Rejection and a Picnic

Well, we've had a small hiccup with childcare. We somehow (probably in the busyness of selling, packing, and buying homes) missed some forms we were supposed to have signed by our doctor in order for W to be eligible to attend. Several faxes, phone calls, and days later we are on the brink of his eligibility. I feel like we're trying to get him into Harvard.

Anyway, Andrew has been attending and enjoying the classes. He has been learning (and passing on to me) information about his job description as the MTL (missional team leader) at Southern Miss, what the broad direction of the US campus ministry is, how to get a vision for your specific campus, etc.

Meanwhile, W and I have been doing things like this.

Last night I decided it was time we get out of this apartment and asked Andrew if we could go on a little picnic for dinner. So we packed up our cooler and invited some good friends to come and join us. And, of course, had a little photo shoot before they arrived. This city is just beautiful.

He would rather have Mommy-Juice
Notice the "Wilson" ball? It's people's favorite response to his name. "Oh like 'Wiiilllssooonn' from Castaway?"

We are having so much fun here but I am ready for some childcare. It's not the same being at "home" all day in a place that's not really your home.

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rebecca said...

hey you got a makeover too!! i like it lib!!! it makes me more excited to post when i feel like the blog is looking super sexy. w is looking cute as usual.