June 24, 2011

Ten Months

Hello, friends! Today I am ten months old. I am teetering my way to being a toddler and growing bigger every day.

One of the ways that I am growing is by eating... a lot. I love food! I let Mom and Dad know I was over the mushy foods by trying to grab the spoon from them at each feeding. A boy's got to keep his pride and it was not helping my rep to let someone else put a spoon in my mouth.

I've got this thing down, now. I like almost anything... but sometimes I am just not in the mood for broccoli or carrots. Can you blame me?

 But most anytime I am in the mood for whatever is on the ground: paper, lint, plastic, metal, grass....

Which usually leads to an unpleasant encounter with Mom or Dad's finger.
It's probably because of these two pearly whites (and soon to be) that have come in that make me so chew happy.

I've had a lot of time with family this month. Right before we left on a long car trip, we spent some time at the lake with Baba, Grandan, Uncle Patrick, Aunt Leslie, and all my cousins. I am just in heaven when I'm with my cousins. I watch everything they do with wide eyes... especially Brooks. He also keeps a close eye on me; I've been known to wrestle him to the floor.

My little cousins are growing bigger, too and soon we will all be able to run around together. Can't wait! It looks like they can't wait, either.

I also got to spend some time with my MG and Gramps this month (Yes, I see her every month! She is very good at traveling.) I had a lot of fun with them! They took care of me while Mom and Dad packed up our house. 
It didn't bother me much to see our house go into boxes because there were lots of things to explore. But I did start to wonder if I was going to be next! 

I am going to miss some things about our old house. Mostly I'm going to miss those stairs... it had become my very favorite activity to climb them while someone was chasing me behind.

Being chased is still one of my favorite games. Although I mostly get caught because I like to stop and make sure you are still behind me! I am also not good at being sneaky because I have recently learned how to whistle. If I am being quiet then I am probably eating something off the floor. Or making a dirty diaper.

One of Mommy's favorite tricks of mine is my hugs and kisses. I'm a pretty sweet guy. I don't do them on cue as often as I used to, but I do give them out randomly which Mom thinks is even sweeter. Real men love on their moms!

I am pretty much a Momma's boy right now. I'm not scared of strangers... in fact I will reach out to anyone who smiles at me, but at the end of the day it's Mom that I want holding me.

I give Daddy hugs and kisses, too, but he mostly likes to give and get "head butts." I'm pretty sure you can imagine what that looks like.

I love, love bath time. Playing in the water is so fun and I like that it is a lot warmer than the pools we visit.

I am becoming a silly boy with a fun sense of humor. I love to clap. I love to explore (especially cabinets). I love to say "Mama" and "Dada" and "Uh oh" and my new word: "Hey!" We think my first sentence is "Hey Dad!" which I say a lot so we're not real sure if it's intentional or not.

I am starting to hear the word "no" a lot, which I still see as a soft suggestion so I'm a little confused when I get my hand slapped. And mad.
But mostly this has been a really fun month for me! It has definitely been the most eventful of my short little life. Right now we are living somewhere with pretty mountains and dry air and Dad says I am lucky to not have to spend my first July in Alabama or Mississippi. I'll take his word for it!

Until next time... W


Unknown said...

Awww. He's so cute! Sounds like he has a lot in common with Brett. He has quit giving me kisses on command all the time. However, he did accidently head butt me in the chin and when I told him it hurt, he kissed it and made it all better. So precious! These are the most precious moments...Love the pic of him kissing you! So sweet! Enjoy!

Tami said...

July may be the first month I miss seeing my buddy :-(
Time to checkout southwest.com AGAIN!!

Katie said...

Dear Wilson,
I love reading your posts every month! Keep them coming. Tell mommy and daddy I said hi!