June 27, 2011

Weekend Review

Andrew's parents are in town for the week so we made sure we were very touristy this weekend and hit all the hot spots around Fort Collins. Friday night we celebrated Baba's 60th birthday and had a night on the town. This town is  so full of life and art that it almost made me wish I lived in a "big" city.

Saturday we hit the road early and spent the day in Estes and Rocky Mountain National Park. Four years ago when I heard the words "national" and "park" together it made me yawn, but my first time in this park (last staff conference) totally changed my mind. The scenery reminds me of what an incredibly designed world we live in. I need a good dose of nature every now and then... it does the spirit good! 

See what I mean?

W enjoying time with Baba and Grandan

Snow in June!

On Sunday afternoon we headed east to Greeley, Colorado to experience the renowned "Greeley Stampede." We soon realized that we had been the victims of false advertisement... we basically traveled 40 minutes to go to a carnival where we saw totally normal things like...

kids riding bucking sheep

 and men wrestling alligators all the way from the (and I quote) "exotic state of Florida"!

 It was all worth it to get the world's cutest picture. Please brace yourself....

He was not a fan of cow kisses. He looked at us like "Excuse me? Did you see what this creature just did to my hand?"

It was a great weekend that was topped off with our favorite eatery here, Beaujo's Pizza

Now we (mostly Andrew) are back in class and excited to learn more about what it means for us to lead the ministry at Southern Miss! We can't believe how soon the school year will be starting!


Rachel @ Moments With My Miracles said...

So glad you found me so I could keep up with you too! I've clicked on your blog before I think too maybe from the Musgroves. Ha! I need to save it. Your pics are great, but I'd love to talk cameras even though I don't really know that much!

allie paschall said...

sissy, these pictures are awesome! love and miss you guys!