July 10, 2011

Weekend Review

On Friday, W came home from childcare with a faux hawk saying "I'm ready to party this weekend!"

So party, we did! We had a full weekend. Friday we went out to eat at our favorite restaurant, Beaujo's Pizza, for the third time since we've been here. I need to get a picture of their addictive pizza pies.

Saturday we headed out to Boulder with our friends, the Robbins, and their three kiddos. We spent a majority of our time on the famous Pearl Street which is basically a four block pedestrian mall known for its eclectic street performers. It was fun to experience! Here are a few shots of our time there...
We spent a good 20 minutes playing with these wind up toys. They did things you would not believe!

W and sweet little Roe playing on the rocks
A bluegrass band that we've seen in Ft Collins too. They are so, so good but man do they need a shower.
Today has been mostly restful. We found a cool little park not far from here that is amazing for children who can walk/climb. It really had everything. Since Wilson can't do much on his own right now, we showed him around the park and gave him a taste of what he will be doing someday...

Then we ended up back in City Park, our favorite, for a rest in the shade.
It's been a refreshing weekend to get us ready to go back to "work" tomorrow! Andrew's been working hard in class. We came up with our (loose) strategic plan for the year and he had the opportunity to present it to a couple who are on the national board of Campus Crusade. Thankfully they approved and gave us some good direction. I know I keep saying this, but we are so ready to be in Hattiesburg and begin to see our dreams for the students materialize. Not much longer!

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