July 08, 2011

Wild Willy

One of our friends started calling Wilson "Wild Willy" when he was first born.  I didn't like it then and don't like it now, but I'm beginning to think it may be appropriate. I knew Wilson was active, but I didn't really know that he was hyperactive until I am now seeing him around other children at childcare.

A couple days ago, when I picked him up, I sat down to watch him interact with the other kids. The others were all calmly sitting in one place playing with toys and then there was W... who was making laps around them. (The workers tell me just about every day that he is the fastest crawler in the class by far. They even call him "Mr. Crawl Fast"). I then see him push, yes push, a child down to get to a toy. I grabbed him and scolded him and one of the workers said "He's actually gotten less aggressive." Less aggressive?? What mother expects to hear that her child is the bully in the class?

I know he is not really being a bully, but aggressive is probably an apt word. He knows what he wants and no one or thing better stand in his way. Today when I picked him up, the other children were (again) quietly sitting in a circle playing with toys... and where was Wilson? Of course: on the other side of the room tearing construction paper flowers off of the wall. I sense an interesting future is ahead of us.

I've been trying to document fun things that he is saying/doing on camera, but this kid will not stay still long enough for me to do it. And so here is me showing you how well I can say "mama" "dada" and "uh oh" and Wilson showing you how incredibly busy he is. If you want time with him, you better let him know so he can pencil you in!

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Tami said...

Love it! I will never admit to the amount of times I've watched the video :-)