July 06, 2011

Wilson's First 4th

The morning of the 4th I found W having his own celebration in the bathroom...

 This is not the first time he's done this, but it was the first time I've paused to laugh and take pictures. As frustrating as it is (Come on W, that's like 75 cents you just wasted!), it's just so darn cute at the same time!

The night of the 4th we had a pot-luck with our regional staff team (I've forgotten how much I love pot-lucks!). We had been debating about going to the city park for fireworks.... Would they scare Wilson? Should we get him earplugs? Do we let him stay up until 9? Do we put him to sleep and then wake him up? Do we just stay home and pretend like it's not the 4th? We finally settled on letting him sleep for an hour at home and then packing him up to go watch the fireworks with friends. I know, we are terrible, selfish parents. At least Wilson thought so....

But right before the fireworks started he woke up more and was in a great mood (contrary to what his face is saying here).

We actually watched from an apartment complex so the noise was not too loud and near the end he would hold both hands up in the air and say "Oooooooh" with every bang. It was adorable. I wish we brought the video camera. (Again, we are terrible parents!) This is the best documentation we got of the cuteness:
Hope you all had a happy Independence Day!

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rebecca said...

W: "mom, i got some toilet paper for you. ready to go."