August 31, 2011

The Beginnings

First...I (Elizabeth) have a new blog! You can click HERE to find it. I added pictures of W's party a couple of days ago. I will use it as my creative outlet so that this blog can be used solely for ministry and family updates. 
It has been so incredible to see how the Lord is already started gathering students together at Southern Miss to be a part of bringing the gospel to places it's not. Yesterday we had our second meeting with our student leaders at our house. We will be going through the book of Mark this semester and Andrew shared from John 1 about John the Baptist. John's message to the people was that the King was on his way! It was such sweet and wonderful news to a people who had been waiting for so long for their Redeemer to arrive. We asked these students to bring the same message to their friends... that the Redeemer has come! 
Then we, along with the student leaders, rode over to the freshman dorms to have a cookout to get to know freshman that we have met throughout this past week. We will be starting a Freshman community group this coming Monday night that will also be studying through Mark. 

This Thursday night we will be starting a women's community group at our house. Two students will be helping me lead this group and I am so excited about it! Ever since we moved in, all I could think about was this living room being filled up with girls hearing God's Word. Prayers would be much appreciated!

Also in the works is a sorority community group (to start September 12), a fraternity community group, a fraternity president's group, a men's community group... and hopefully many more! We are also planning a fall retreat for the student's fall break.

These students are so excited about us being here. This is not because we are something great (we obviously are not), but because Christ is great and they are so hungry to be trained in God's word and in ministry. They really want to see their campus redeemed by the Lord.

We can't wait to share with you what He does the rest of the semester!!

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