August 24, 2011

One Year

"HEY" friends and family! If you could see me now, you would see that I've learned how to do a real wave. These kinds of things come with age and wisdom. I should know because I am now  

This past month has been pretty significant in my life, not only because it completed the year for me, but also because I became a Mississippi boy. I also have had the chance this month to see a lot of family.
Grandaddy Harwell (Grandan's Dad...a great grandfather!)
GG... Gramps' Mom...a great grandmother!
 That makes me really happy.

I also got to spend some time at the lake this month to celebrate my birthday. I really, really loved being on the boat. It made me dance. My famous dance move is a few flaps of the arms.
 Mom said she used to learn dance moves off of music videos... I snagged this move off of Praise Baby. Me and Mom are cool like that.

Dad let me help him drive the boat. I may dance like Mama, but I think I may look just a little bit like my Dad.

Speaking of looks, my 'do is getting longer by the minute... which gives me more leverage when Dad 'hawks it up... which kind of happens a lot.

I'm also getting some curls in the back! I keep hearing the word "haircut" around here and I'm not going to lie, it makes me a little nervous.

I'd like to tell you about some of my favorite things right now! Books are among my very favorite.
 I spend most of my day digging through my book basket, pulling out the weekly favorite, and requesting demanding someone "Ree-dat?, " which Mom has interpreted to mean "Read that?"

I also love playing with toys, so my birthday came along at a very convenient time because I was excited to get some new things around here. My favorites involve balls and a place to drop them into.

 Dad and Mom know me well. I was very excited about what they picked out to give me on my birthday...

 Another favorite thing is cupcakes. I have gotten TWO in the past week. I hope this is a normal thing. I've gotten wind that it's not.

Another thing this one year old can do is walk. I can walk for very long distances now, although I mostly only walk from person to person and not many times do I do it without some prompting first. Crawling is still my preferred mode. I am also doing really well with communication. Some new words that I've added to my list are "dog," "block," "duck," and "ba" (for banana, my very favorite food, and also for bottle). I also respond when you tell me to walk, clap, come (most of the time), dance, give hugs, give kisses, touchdown (I raise both hands in the air)... and obviously, write a blog entry.

And the cutest trick is when you ask where Wilson is and I point to myself with both fingers on my tummy. Unfortunately when you ask where anyone is, they are also in my tummy. I'm just a little confused on that one.

Okay, that's all from me! Don't worry, I'll be back for month 13. Mom said she wanted to write a little note on here... so I'll hand over reigns to let her tell you the mushy stuff about me becoming one.

I love you all!

Dear Wilson,
I can't believe that you've only been in our lives for a year. It feels like you have always been a part of our family. The sweetness and laughter that you add to our home is invaluable; We are better people because you are here. I know you are only a year old, but I can already start to see what noble characteristics you have. You are a hard worker and very determined (I know these traits come from your Dad). You are a risk taker (which makes your Mommy a nervous wreck). You are affectionate and in need of others' affection. You are a reader (hooray!). You are very comfortable around other people and they are very comfortable around you. I am looking forward to seeing how the Lord will continue your story and what great plan He has laid out for your life. James Wilson, I think you are the most incredible little boy and I am overflowing with joy that our Father chose me to be your mom. What undeserved grace! I love you... in an unshakable, depth less, forever kind of way.
Love, Mama

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Dawn Trest said...

Hi Elizabeth! I'm Dawn from Hello Dearie and your comment on my blog just made my day! I have spent the last half hour getting to "know" you through your blog. I'm so excited to see God bringing people here for ministry. It makes my heart happy! I think we could be friends too. :)
This is the only way I knew to contact you, but feel free to send me an email! dawntrest at gmail dot com