September 29, 2011

Middle of the Night Ministry

We've always said that the best ministry (in college) is done in the middle of the night. This was affirmed again a few nights ago.

Andrew got a text from a guy he's been meeting with around 10:30pm to ask if he was still up. We were watching Storage Wars (obviously Andrew's turn with the remote), so we were. After a few minutes of phone conversation, Andrew came back to tell me the story.

This guy, who has had major life change over the past year because of the gospel, was studying with another guy. This other student told him that he was sick of the way he had been living his life and wanted to change. The guy Andrew's been meeting with was left a little speechless at this chance to share the gospel and called Andrew for help. Andrew told him to tell him his story of why his own life had changed and that they would talk about how to walk him through the gospel later.

This is one of 3 very similar stories that have happened in this same fraternity house over the past couple of months. God is really doing a work here drawing students to Himself.

The next day, our intern Marshall walked through The Ransom Principle, a really clear way to share the gospel, with 10 students at our leadership meeting. If they weren't already before, they are now equipped to walk through the gospel in a very clear way in hopes that their peers would understand what exactly it was that Jesus did when He payed the ransom for our sin.

We would love your continued prayers. The harvest really is plentiful here and Jesus, the Lord of the harvest, is providing laborers in these incredible students...the ones who are with the harvest in the most ripe time, in the middle of the night.

Other things to pray for:
Fall Retreat (Coming up October 28-30) Pray that it will foster community between us and the students and that unbelievers would come and hear the gospel.
Pledge Swaps (Whole month of October) We are praying to be able to speak to every pledge class through these swaps to share the gospel and provide an opportunity for them to get plugged into a community group
Community Groups Right now we have a Freshman, Women's, All-Sorority, and a couple chapter-specific greek community groups. Pray for more gospel-centered community groups to spring up all over campus so that all students would have the opportunity to encounter Jesus in community.
Monthly Meeting We are only doing a big meeting once a month right now. Our first one had 35 students! Andrew is teaching through the book of Mark. Our next meeting will be October 18.

Thanks, as always, for your prayers and support!

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