September 26, 2011

Thirteen Months

Well hello, friends! This is the one year old Wilson returning to you well-versed in childhood, refined in manners, and just an all-around mature fellow. 
Just kidding! I'm pretty much as silly as ever. As you can see, I am walking (or running) everywhere I go these days. I switch to crawling when I need to go somewhere faster, but I definitely prefer being  on two limbs. One of my favorite games is being chased around our house... in the picture above I was chasing Mommy. She is so slow. I always catch her.

I can also do other really adult things like get down off of the couch all by myself! This is a great relief to Mom and Dad.

I get called George (Curious, that is) a lot around here. I am into within my reach.
And the things that are not in my reach? I just ask for them. Very persistently. "That? That? That? That?" is one of my most well-worn phrases. I also ask "S'that?" (What's that?) and say "'Dis!" (Look at this!). A universal phrase that I like a lot is "Is it?".  This could mean anything from "What is it?" to "Is it mine? Does it belong to me? Because I think it should.".  

In case you are interested in my speech, I also say "done" (when I'm through eating), "Ba" (for bath...which is one of my very favorite things), "tuh" (for brushing my teeth, which I also get excited about), "oooook" (for "look!"), "ball", "dish" (for fish), "dog" (I get really excited when I see a dog...sometimes I point and say "dog" when there is no animal around just hoping for one to show up), and of course "Mama" and "Dada."

When the camera comes out, I'm pretty serious.

But otherwise I'm really a ham. I'm perfecting my dance moves and they now including bouncing up and down and waving my two pointer fingers like I'm a conductor. Thank goodness Mom hasn't captured it on the camera yet... I tell you, there is no privacy around here.

My new buddy is Tiger. He goes pretty much every where with me now.
I really like tigers. In fact, if you would like to hear my version of what a tiger says, I'd be more than happy to show you with a little "arrrr" and a shake of two fists. (Did you know tigers shake their fists? Well, you're welcome.)

I really like animals. I also really like books... if you give me a book with animals in it you are instantly my favorite person. And then if you ask me to point to certain animals I will really impress you... I can find dogs, frogs, tigers, and fish in any picture!

About things I like... I just plain like people. I stretch my arms out to anyone who so much as smiles at me. It makes people feel really loved and special (they don't know I do it to everyone), but Mom tells me to stop because she's afraid people will think I'm trying to get away from her. She's so silly, that Mom. I think people know that I am just a hospitable person.
Yep, that's me with some Auburn cheerleaders. I went to my very first Auburn game this past Saturday to celebrate my 13 month mark.

I got the full experience, including Tiger Walk where I gave high fives to all the players and coaches...

I also celebrated my cousin, Brook's, 4th birthday! It was fun to hang out with my four cousins at the tailgate.

After the party, we headed off to the game. I enjoyed it because it included two of my favorite things: being outside and people-watching. We only stayed until half time... but it was just enough for me to get in a good Auburn experience!

Finishing up Month 12 has been great. Mom says I'm not a baby anymore, I am a toddler. I'm glad to have gotten some respect around here... but like most things that have to do with growing up, it makes her tear up when she talks about it.

Thanks to all my readers! I hope I get to see all of you soon. I really have the sweetest family and friends that a little boy could ask for.

Catch ya at Month 14!

Love, W


T Welch said...

I love your posts. You are such a great writer from any perspective. I enjoy reading about your family and sweet W. Congrats on everything!

Rachel Rainer said...

SO CUTE!! I love him! And you!

Hank and Anna Uzzell said...

miss ya ll!

Tami said...

please write a book, please write a book, please write a book!
Love that little guy and love you!